Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Extreme - Pornograffitti [Full Album]

Download Album Lengkap Lagu Extreme - Pornograffitti Disini :

Extreme - Decadence dance
Extreme - Get the funk out
Extreme - He Man Woman Hater
Extreme - Hole hearted
Extreme - It ('s amonster)
Extreme - Li'l Jack Horny
Extreme - Money (In God We Trust)
Extreme - More than words
Extreme - Pornograffitti
Extreme - Song for love
Extreme - Suzi (wants her all day what)
Extreme - When I First Kissed You
Extreme - When I'm President

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pantat lovers mengatakan...

ya... well done

Dendy Sutrisna mengatakan...

Thank You Very Much ... Nuno Betencourt is still the best guitarist beside Paul Gilbert. IMO.

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